Sis and Bubb Lakes

Sis and Bubb Lakes

Access to these ponds can be made from Route 28 just outside of Eagle Bay. Several campsites along the shore offer the perfect getaway for the angler wanting native brook trout.

This trail gets modest use and the small trailhead parking area can often be full on a busy weekend. From the trailhead you will start climbing moderately up and over the shoulder of Vista Ridge — the Vista Trail will come in on your left. Once you crest the ridge you will start a slow descent to the drainage between Sis and Bubb Lakes. A very nice footbridge spans to the gap. You can continue to the north side of Bubb Lake for additional views; the trail ends at the Moss Lake Loop.


Route 28 about 2 miles southwest of downtown Inlet and 1 mile southwest of Eagle Bay/ Look for the DEC parking area on the right.


2.4 miles one way to the lake.

This hike can be done by most in 3 or 4 hours.

Winter Overview

The winter parking here is not plowed and parking on the shoulder of Route 28 is not recommended. The trailhead is also located across from a heavily used snowmobile trail.

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