Windfall Pond

Windfall Pond

This trail is located in the Great Eight Lakes area. It is an easy to moderate, 1.2-mile hike to Windfall Pond.

If you choose to continue, from the trailhead it's:

  • 2.3 miles to Chain Ponds
  • 4.5 miles to Mays Pond
  • 5.1 miles to Chub Lake
  • 5.4 miles Constable Pond
  • 8.7 miles to Pigeon Lake
  • 12.4 miles to Otter Pond 12.4

Another option is to simply opt for the 3-mile hike from the trailhead to Queer Lake, where a remote lean-to camping experience awaits. 

Each lake has different fishing qualities, with Queer Lake especially known for its population of native lake trout.

Birding in the Great Eight Lakes area can yield Olive-Sided and Yellow-Bellied Flycatchers, Nashville Warblers, Northern Parulas, Palm Warbler, and Lincoln’s, Swamp and White-Throated sparrows.

Location: Follow Big Moose Road, which is off of Route 28 in Eagle Bay, for about 5 miles. The parking area is on the right.

Distance: It's 1.2 miles to Windfall Pond.

Most can do this easy to moderate round-trip hike in around 2 hours. Mountain biking is not allowed here.

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