Inlet Bass Derby

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The Inlet Historical Society is proud to host the Annual Inlet Bass Derby. The Derby includes all waters between Old Forge Pond and Fifth Lake. A total of up to five Legal Black Bass will be weighed in. Registration forms will be available at the Inlet Information Office.

Hopeful prize winners can pick up their lunker (biggest fish of the day) weigh bags, verify their team names and boat number for the weigh board, enjoy some eye opening coffee & snacks at The Woods Inn and of course gossip with each other about fishing.

Boats will be launched in order (based on their date of registration), beginning at 6:30am- after a live well inspection and recording of their boat registration number. Each boat will have a minimum of 8 hours of fishing- arriving back at the Historic Woods Inn dock for weigh-in. The public is welcome and are invited to attend with cameras & cheers to support their favorite team!

Registration is $110 (including the lunker fee) for your boat, with a maximum of two per team. Pre-registration is required and this derby is a timed, amateur only, no live bait contest.

Click here for an application.