Austin Falls

Austin falls is a long, sliding waterfall, surrounded by beautiful rock formations, and does not require a long hike to reach. The river is calm above the falls, but as the sides of the stream narrow and the elevation drops 40 feet in a couple hundred yards over a rocky base, the water accelerates rapidly, creating a spectacular water show. A large rock near the base of the falls hurls the water several feet into the air like a natural fountain.


Location: 7.0 miles N. of Wells: Drive north from Wells on Route 30 to the intersection of Rte 30 & 8. Continue another 6.5 miles and make a right onto Old Route 30, an unimproved road, and drive for exactly 2.7 miles and pull off to the side of the road to park. The road is paved, but very bumpy, so use caution and drive slow! The falls are off to the right, can be heard from the road, and are reached with an easy 50 ft. walk down to the falls. The surrounding banks of the stream are very slippery, so use caution when walking alongside the falls.