Wakely Mountain

Wakely Mountain is one the Adirondack 100-highest peaks and is also home of the tallest fire tower still standing in the Adirondacks as well. You will feel it sway in the breeze as you climb its many levels of steps to the cab. The fire observer's cabin is located near the summit as well.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in Indian Lake follow Route 28/30 toward Blue Mountain Lake. Continue for just over 2.25 miles to Cedar River Road on the left. Continue on Cedar River Road for around 12 miles to the trailhead on the right.

Trail Description

From the trailhead you will be start out following an old woods road for over almost 2 miles to a small beaver pond/marsh on the left. Take a second to walk down the short spur trail to check it out; this would be a fantastic moose sighting area. From here the route enters the woods on a much narrower trail and moves quickly over several small hogbacks. Once the climbing starts it does not stop for much longer than a few feet before staring in again. The terrain is pretty good with only a few sections of really tough footing. Just below the summit is the location of the old helicopter pad on the right. The trail will then meander its way to the summit area where the views are lacking from ground level. You will need to climb the fire tower, at least in part to be awarded the fantastic views.


3,744 feet


Trailhead to the summit = 3 miles

Family with Young Kids

  • 2.5 hours to summit

Experienced Hiker

  • 2 Hours to summit

Out of Shape Hiker

  • 2.5 hours to summit

Winter Overview

The last portion of Cedar River Road is not open in the winter. With the road closed it would add on many miles of road walking or skiing to approach the trail. While it gets done on occasion, be aware that you will have an extended day in the woods. The trail itself may or may not be touched due to less frequent climbing.

The trail section is not recommended for cross-country skiing.


Location: 12 miles southwest of Indian Lake From Indian Lake take Rte 28N/30 west for 2.2 miles, then make a left onto Cedar River Road (past the golf course) for another 11.5 miles. There is a sign-in book at the parking lot, and the gravel road leading to the mountain offers an easy 1.9 mile warm-up.