Inlet's Champagne Bus

The Champagne Bus will be out in the Inlet/Eagle Bay area on New Year's Eve making regular stops at the following sponsors:
*Screamen Eagle
*Tony Harpers (Inlet)
*The Woods Inn
*The Tavern
*Great Pines

You may get on or off the bus at any of these stops at any time. The bus will also pick you up or drop you off at home if you are staying somewhere in between.

Contact Adele at 315-369-8830 to make arrangements for pickup ahead of time - MUST call before 2:00 p.m. on December 13st.

Have a Safe & Happy New Year!

Thank you to the following for making this possible:
*Burkhard-Evans, *Daiker's, *Great Pines, *Screamen Eagle, *The Tavern, *Tony Harpers of Inlet, *The Woods Inn

*Paid member of the IABA