Cedar Lakes

Cedar Lakes

This incredible hike provides views of the forest, mountains, and the water. With plenty of well-trafficked trail, this hike can be enjoyed as an out-and-back of any length.

How to get there

The trailhead is 9 miles northwest of Speculator. Take Route 30 north for 8.2 miles from Speculator, and make a left onto the dirt road, past Mason Lake. The dirt road is 3.2 miles to the junction at Perkins Clearing, which is marked by a DEC sign. Turn right to the end of Sled Harbor, 5.1 miles from Route 30, for parking.

Next is the 1.2 miles north using the trail to Pillsbury Mountain, where you'll find a locked gate at the trailhead for Pillsbury. This is the start of the trail into Cedar Lakes.


This historic hike into Cedar Lakes is known as the French Louie Trail, which honors the famous "French Louie", guide and trapper. He spent much time in the Cedar Lakes area during his short lifetime. The trail is a pleasant hike, starting as a road and ending in a well traveled foot path, which parallels the Miami RIver.

  • The round trip is 16.8 miles.
  • The Cedar Lake Trail is 0.1 mile of a short but steep access route. The Cedar Lake Overlook Trail is a spur of 0.3 mile which leads to observation points perched 100 feet above the water. Enjoy wonderful views of the lake and forest.


Cedar Lake offers brook trout, black bullhead, and white sucker. No motors are allowed on this lake.


  • Cedar Lakes Lean-to #1 is at the end of a 0.5-mile spur trail which leaves the Northville-Placid Trail. Look for it 4.5 miles north of the intersection with the French Louie Trail.
  • Cedar Lakes Lean-to #2 is on the west shore of the Cedar Lakes, 1.0 mile south of the intersection with the Cedar Lakes Trail.
  • Cedar Lakes Lean-to #3 is a designated primitive tent site. It is on the northern shore of the Cedar Lakes. Look for it 0.2 mile south (and west) of the intersection with the Cedar Lakes Trail.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

This trail can be explored as a there-and-back outing of any length, or try it for winter camping with a choice of three lean-tos.

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