Christine Falls

Christine Falls

So close the falls can be heard from the parking area. From Route 30, just east of the village of Speculator, these falls -- that's right, plural! -- are easily accessible and are a great place to stretch your legs. Need to cool off? The two falls drop approximately 20 feet to a fantastic swimming hole. This spot truly feels like a hidden oasis.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 30 and Route 8 in Speculator, follow Route 8/30 toward Wells. Continue for 3.6 miles to a small unmarked access below the dam on the left. This is a small dirt pull-off behind the guardrails.


From the parking area, locate the path to the back of the parking area. The walk is a rocky downhill slope to a rocky spine overlooking the falls. This is a less than 0.1 mile walk. This is a simple trail in winter but take care with possibly slippery footing. Please take care to mind the private property. 

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