Goodman Mountain

Goodman Mountain

This old road used to be Highway 10 between Long Lake and Tupper Lake; it has now been turned into a wonderful trail that leads to Goodman Mountain. During the summer of 2014 DEC created a trail to the summit of Goodman Mountain. At the backside of the parking area there is a kiosk and trail register with information on the storied history of Goodman Mountain. Be sure to give it a read on your way through.

This mountain, named after civil rights activist Andrew Goodman, has it all: history, wheelchair accessibility for a portion of the trail, and great views from the summit.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 28N and Route 30 in the Village of Long Lake, follow Route 30 toward Tupper Lake. Follow here for just under 13.1 miles to the trailhead on the right. A DEC trail sign marks the location.

By the numbers

  • Distance: 1.7 miles
  • Elevation gain: 581 feet
  • Mountain elevation: 2,178 feet


Proceeding up the trail a short distance in you will be immediately welcomed by a very wide trail through the forest. The steep slopes and cliffs of Goodman will be to your left, set back in the woods. Soon you will begin to gently climb to a height-of-land where the trail leaves the old road on your left; this is roughly 1-mile from the trailhead. Goodman's summit is only 0.25 miles away as the crow flies, but the trail swings around the steep slopes to avoid unnecessary erosion in the summer and making the approach much more accessible and achievable for just about everyone. The grade is never very steep.

Goodman Mountain in winter

Goodman makes for an excellent snowshoeing trip for the entire family. Be sure to keep Goodman Mountain in mind if you have never snowshoed before and want a perfect spot to get started. This is also an excellent opportunity to introduce kids to the sport. With typical heavy snow and ease of access, this is a popular destination in winter.

This mountain is not recommended for cross-country skiing.

The large parking lot is typically plowed soon after a snow.

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