Squaw Lake

Squaw Lake

There are three bridges to cross and an interesting rocky trail throughout.

Getting there

From Inlet, head southeast on Highland Trail toward NY-28 S for 180 feet, then take Limekiln Lake Road for 3.0 miles. Take Moose River Road to Otter Brook Road (second right) for 15.0 miles.

Eventually this turns into Indian River Road, which you can follow to the end. These roads through the Moose River Plains are very rough, but can be driven in most cars with some care at slow speeds.


From the end of Indian River Road at the trailhead parking you will pass through boulders blocking the way from vehicular traffic. This is an old road beneath you so the footing is superb. The grade is quite easy as well as you climb easily over the rolling hills. After a short 0.2 miles the Squaw Lake Trail comes in on the right. From here the trail drops continually to the shore.

Distance: 1.2 miles


The trail ends on the shore of this rocky pond, near a campsite on the shore.


Squaw Lake contains brook trout. Use or possession of baitfish and mechanically propelled vessels are prohibited.


This is a wonderful backcountry pond but it will take a short portage to get there. It would be best if you had a lightweight boat because a canoe or kayak cart might not hold up on the rocky trail. From the trailhead carry along an old road where a cart would work fine.

After about 0.2 miles the spur trail for Squaw Lake comes in on the right, this is where it gets very rocky for a bit and a cart might not do so well. But you could always use the cart in part. There is a nice rock dock that someone built out a ways into the water actually making it easier to get into your boat.

Once on the water be sure to check out the rocky shores and rock outcroppings on the lake. Numerous shallow bays add to the beauty of the paddle. Moose are frequent in this area, so you never know.

This is a somewhat large lake but it tends to be well sheltered from heavy winds, bonus is no motorboats will be here.

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