The Fulton Chain History (Herrstory Publications)

· First history of the West Central Adirondacks in seventy years, includes additions to previously published histories and updates for some subjects to current times.

· Over 300 pages including 290 plus illustrations with maps; a large topic and family name index

· Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr roles in the title to the John Brown’s Tract, Town of Webb

· Early history of the Town of Webb and, for the first time of the Town of Inlet

· History of the Fulton Chain Railroads, including five chapters on the Raquette Lake Railroad

· Conflicts between local landowners and industry tycoons Dr. William Seward Webb, Collis Huntington, J.P Morgan and John Dix

· History of steamboats, the transportation companies and the mail boats and pickle boats

· The Erie Canal and the largest Adirondack Park land purchase

· Trapper Nat Foster and St. Regis Mohawk Peter Waters conflicts and graves

· History of the major Victorian era hotels, one still existing. (Forge House, Hess Camp, The Woods Inn, Holls Inn, The Arrowhead, Rocky Point Inn and the Seventh Lake House

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