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On March 28, 2019 the Inlet Common School Board held a public hearing and simutaneous vote, asking the voters to chose between keeping Inlet Common School open to continue educating students Pre-K - 5th Grade and tuition Grades 6-12 or to tuition all students Grades K - 12 to Town of Webb UFSD.  62 voted to keep it open, 93 voted to tuition all.  Beginning September 2019 all Inlet students Grades K - 12 will be tuitioned to Town of Webb UFSD, and Inlet no longer has a Pre-K Program.  Update - Starting September 2019, the Town of Webb UFSD now offers a Pre-K program for all eligible students.

2019 Inlet Common School Survey

The Inlet Common School BOE, with help from a local community group, has put together a survey to collect your input on the future development of the Inlet Common School campus. Please take time to fill out and turn in the survey to help guide decisions to make this space a major asset for the Inlet community.

Inlet Common School Campus Survey

Below are some informational videos and websites that show examples of concepts that are being used in repurposing spaces as well as economic development in rural areas and explain Makerspaces.

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Makerspace: Make Community | Jamie Leben | TEDxFrontRange 
My 5th grade experience 2018. S. Uzdavinis (featuring TOW students) 
Former Willsboro IGA to see new life as makerspace 
St. Macartans Primary Kitchen Classroom 
tech valley center of gravity 
Colorado Creative Corridor 

Prior to March 28, 2019

The goal of the Inlet Common School District is to deliver the finest possible education to its students. Inlet Common School is like sending your kids to a small private school that has pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. The school combines a family feel with an emphasis on developing reasoning and the ability to think critically, as well as a mastery of academic skills, which are necessary to prepare our students to be productive workers and citizens. Because of our small class size, students get more individual attention, providing our staff with the opportunity to help your child excel in his or her studies. Our gym class incorporates life-long sports like hiking, kayaking, ice skating, skiing, and so much more. Inlet Common School also partners with the town of Webb to offer great programs, like band. 

At seventh grade, Inlet students head to Town of Webb USFD, where they further their academic skills. The Town of Webb USFD also offers smaller class sizes for more individual attention and great music and sports programs.

Inlet Common School

Town of Webb UFSD

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